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At the start of the production of the film can happen, the situation, some more famous creator (in relation to this, which you have chosen to cast your movie) will report to you with an offer to take part in your production for a much lower than normal gauze (that's mean. that currently has chosen developer).

The motivation for such acts of the creator is Your production. When this can occur?

First you need to have Assistant. The assumption is such, that it is our assistant in an informal way (for example,. at some party) whispered words for some actor / actress (or his/her assistant) about our new production, which potentially may be interest for him/her..

Secondly the screenplay for the film must be our by. Because it is the originality of our film is what can convince of the creator to play in our production.

Note do not always creator, who will want to take part in your production must be talented ... This will just form more popular, than the one you originally dobrałeś cast. So the player, you need to decide whether this "opportunity" is worth the effort ... can in fact prove, that in your ambitious drama. ... Paris Hilton will want to play

This is not too frequent event (do not expect, that the second your production will be accelerated to crowds of famous actors who want to play for half a free ...) just the game you may, sometimes will surprise you.

> Help > The Game > Film production

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