Auctions and selling paintings

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In this chapter you will find detailed information on how you can buy and sell paintings.

Auctions - buying paintings

At auctions you have opportunity to purchase works of art (specifically paintings). Information about issued in a given month paintings at auction (painter, epoch, title) you can find in the news.

To participate in the auction, go to Investment, then select the interesting painting and choose Buy.

After entering the auction window you'll see the following information and options:

  • Information about the painting (details)
  • actual bidder
  • The list of players participating in the auction
  • A progress bar – the remaining time to raise prices
  • “Once…”
  • Lining – as long as the price is boosted once
  • Raise the price – raise prices
  • Pass – abandonment of further auction
  • Original? – check whether the purchased image is original or fake
  • Help
  • Start auction – the start of the auction
  • Leave auction – out of the window of auction

Before you begin auctions

Before the start of the auction it is necessary to choose bidders, ie those, who are interested in buying a given painting (This is the case when there are few non-computer players in the game).

Computer gamers will be selected automatically (if they want / can, participate in the auction). The other players participates in the auction by default. If a player does not want to participate in the auction, he can uncheck the box next to their name.

Player, which starts the auction (by selecting the option to buy a painting in investments), automatically agree to pay asking price of the picture. Thus, if no one raises the asking price, that player wins the auction.

Vico to billionaire – art expert, who always participate in the auction.

During the auction

Starting bid by pressing button Start auction. From this moment proper auction takes place. It consists of turns. During each, the player can decide whether the current price raise or pass. Currently bidder player, is marked in gray on the list of players and his name is placed over the list, next to the current price of the painting. Clicking the button Raise will cause the price will be raised by amount of current price of painting Lining.

At this point, the current round ends and the next player is selected. Button Pass cases resign from further auction. Player to make a decision, whether to raise prices or fold, has a limited time. A progress bar indicates how much time left for current bidder to think.

When the progress bar reaches the end (it takes about. 3 seconds), first button is selected Once… (placed next to the progress bar). When a player has not acted, until the moment when the last (third) button Once…, it is assumed, that the player folded.

After the end of the auction

The auction ends when, only one player left, who has not folded. After the end of the auction information appears who and at what price bought the painting.

If you manage to win the auction, You can take the painting to the expert (button Original?) and check whether the painting you bought, is an original or, unfortunately, fake.

Fake painting is worth 50% the current price of the original. Selecting Leave auction exits from the window of the auction.

Selling of paintings

Player, which has a painting in his collection (Gallery) it may sell it at any time. To do it, go to your gallery, select the painting, and then select Sell.

The sale price is equal to the current market price (Therefore it may be greater or less than the purchase price).

> Help > The Game > Investments > Paintings (art market)

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