Classic mode vs Party mode

Classic Game / and party mode

The game in Classic and Party modes allows you to classic type of gameplay known from the first part of the Movie Business.

Starting the game in one of these modes, you need to set the following parameters of the game:

  • The number, type and difficulty for each player.
  • The length of the game or the start date and the end of the game.
  • Additional, advanced game parameters

Classic versus Party mode game – comparison

Classic mode – This type of game was created to be able directly compare the achievements of different player. Therefore, part of the advanced parameters can not be changed. Additionally, in this type of game you can use only the default set of creators.

Party mode – This mode is designed for the widest possibility of adapting the parameters of the game preferences by players. Here you can modify advanced parameters which affects game realism. Additionally, you can use the custom sets of artists created with MB2 Editor.

Comparison of options available to the party game and classic game modes:

Game Type Realism settings The maximum length of the game Creator set Trophies
Classic Game Fixed (Hold on earth) 588 months Fixed (Default) All
Party Game Mode Configurable 588 months Customizable (Any) Few
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