Career mode

This mode combines the classic game with elements taken from the challenges.

Conceptually, this is the most difficult mode (designed for the most advanced players). Therefore, it has been designed for one player and game options set to as realistic as possible.

The gameplay in career mode lasts for 50 years, during which we will receive 45 goals to execution (they will appear every year, almost to the end of the game). Targets will be similar to the challenges, however, regardless of whether they will be realized or not, the game will be stable until the end of the time provided for in the game.

In this mode, you must score as many points as possible. Points are awarded for completion as soon as possible (the faster you will realize it, the more points you gain). Extra points can also receive (though fewer) for prestige, purchased images and your cash.

Although this mode, at first glance, not much different from the challenge mode, but it requires a significant change in strategy gameplay. The multiplicity and diversity of purpose that makes the player is forced to long-term planning, taking into account multiple criteria.

The game is long and provides a lot of challenges along the way, so that should not easily bored, and the point system will allow you to compete with other players through statistics placed on MovieStats.

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