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The career mode has been divided into three stages corresponding to different levels of difficulty (from Amateur to Pro). Gameplay rules at every stage is identical.

During his career every year (12 rounds), the player receives one goal to achieve. The faster it will realize the more career points it receives. To achieve a certain number of objectives for a given level will unlock the next (more difficult) level in the next game. The difficulty and number of targets placed in front of the players on the stage of your career will grow with increasing levels from amateur, by graduate to Pro.

A callow player will have to begin his career as an amateur level. Where, as is the amateur level, will have access only to a few basic genres, and a relatively large amount of cash at the start. During the career of an amateur player will have to accomplish simple tasks, from him will be in basic gameplay elements. Will write their own script with specific parameters, then produce the film based on this scenario. And so to the end of the game will have to meet increasingly difficult objectives of getting by the way the various elements of the game.

If he succeeds in this trick, he will unlock the next level in a certain time and he will be able to play the next game at the graduate level. In addition to the reduced amount of cash at the start, the player will also have other, more difficult goals to complete...

The career mode allows a beginner easier entry into the game world, and also will allow him to continue his development, in successive stages, with more and more difficult goals to achieve.

Statistical information related to the achievements of a player in career mode are available on MovieStats where they can be compared with the achievements of other players.

Help > Player profiles and game modes > Career mode

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