Creators set update 40

After a long break, time for a little set update. It contains 58 creators (new or updated) and 64 photos. The largest contributors to this update are Durve, Tomas Av and robbert. The update will occur when you start the game with the default set of creators (details can be found here). In total, the default set of the game already contains more than 2330 creators .

Fixes and updates - version 0.9.3

I am pleased to present you the versions 0.9.3 Movie Business 2. This time, it contains mainly fixes (in the majority of) minor bugs, modifications of certain algorithms, updates the creators and reviews as well as two visible function for you. The possibility of shifting roles in the scenario and using real quotes from movies (the database contains few hundreds of famous texts).

Detailed information about the changes can be found in version history and you obtain as usual from the page Download MB2.

Have fun.

Creators set update 38, the Oscars one

There is another update of the creators set. As another Oscars ceremony is coming it contains more than a dozen creators who were nominees this year for this award, and which was missing in the game. The whole update contains 67 creators and 149 photos (including several cult characters). The largest contributors to this update are Slowik (that added quite a few Polish artists) and Filip.

The update will occur when you start the game with the default set of creators (details can be found here).

New layout

The current theme of the site though it was very functional slightly deviate from the today's Web standards. So I decided to refresh it slightly. For a quite long time I was looking for a template, that would be as functional as the original. In the end I managed to find one, that meets my expectations. So here I am pleased to present a refreshed official Movie Business game page.

In addition, the English version of the home page, available at has also been modified to contain redirects to the main section of the page.

As usual, any comments and feedback on the new layout is nice to hear.

Video Tutorial: Cult characters

I am pleased to present to you the first in the history of the Movie Business video tutorial to the game. It is dedicated to Cult Characters. The 10 minutes video I am telling you about what cult characters are, how to use them in your own films, and how to add new one, with the use of the site MovieStats.

As a part of extension of MovieStats the new option appeared, that allows you to add your own cult characters for a particular actor or actress. This video shows in detail how to do it.

Video is recorded with a commentary in Polish but there are also subtitles in English. In addition, all examples have been presented with the English-language version of the game and MovieStats so material will be useful for all who do not speak Polish.

This is the first such material for the Movie Business, so, let me know what you think about it. If you like it maybe in the future there will be more videos about other aspects of the game.

In addition, after watching the video, you can run the game. Yesterday's version 0.9.2 contains more than 200 cult characters added by me. So right away you can try out this mechanism in practice. The MovieStats search engine has been extended. To allows check whether a particular cult character is already in the game. I hope, you will be tempted to add also your own favorite characters.

Teaser or be aware, that something happens

Fact, of appearing few weeks ago the new version of the game does not mean, that since then I already have a holiday. It will come for this when it gets warmer… For now, I am working on some new features in MovieStats, and a little surprise. Here is this little teaser...

And now something completly different, It's been a few weeks since the release of v 0.9.1 so, I will gladly listen to your comments on it. When I am looking for your productions, I have a few thoughts and ideas of what could be improved in the next version. Let me know in the comments or on the forum what you like, and what requires still some amendments or changes.

In any case, you should know, that something is going on and expect more information soon...

IMDB Tool v2.0

During intensive work on the latest versions of the game turned out, that myAPIFilm uses to retrieve the information about the artists from the IMDB has undergone major rebuild. It caused that IMDBTool has stopped working. Finally I could find some time to make the appropriate changes to this tool. So here are the new version which you can download from a dedicated sub-page IMDB Tool.

To recap, that IMDB tool is useful for automatic downloading of creator filmography from IMDB, that is needed when you add new developers in the MovieStats.

Version 0.9.1 – fixes and improvements

Slowly it becomes tradition, that after the next big version of the game being released , in a short time after her, occures another which is something like hotfix. Economies of scale makes its own and run a program on multiple computers, by many users finds consecutive errors and faults. With some of them you can live, others are quite critical and require a fairly rapid response.

So it happened with version 0.9.0, which, as it turned out contains a fairly major bug in algorithms. The effect is that, after several years of the game the popularity many (average popular) creators going into the space. Problem found again Kacper, who sent me a movie illustrating the problem. After examination I was able to find its source and fix it.

By the way the new machanism which automatically sending errors to the server online works. Thanks to it I got auto notification of several other (smaller) problems arising in specific situations.

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Version 0.9.0 ready for download

I am pleased to announce that, after several months of intensive work, You can now download version 0.9.0 Movie Business 2. However, before you do this please do read a couple more important information.

Information about changes and news in this release can be found in version history, a more detailed description of the new functionality you can find in the post on my personal blog.

With the new version, the game requires an updated .NET Framework library (to version 4.5). No stress, most likely you do not have anything special to do, probably because you have it already installed on your systems (this library is very popular and is used by many applications such as. the drivers for your graphics card). If during the installation, it will not be detected, the installer informs You of this and indicates where it can be download. However, if for some reason something went wrong, just let me know by email. I will try to help you solve the problem.

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A summary of what's new in version 0.9.0

The new version of Movie Business 2 marked as 0.9.0 fast approaching. So it's time to gather all the news, changes and modifications, that will appear in this version of the game and summarize it in one post. Welcome to the text on the my private blog, where in addition to a summary of all recent posts about the new version, There will be some slightly broader comments to each new feature, as well as a few ones which have not yet described. Link to this entry has also been placed in the section Director's Cuts.

I invite you to read and commenting.

Dynamic parameters

As you probably know, some of the parameters of the creators of the Movie Business are dynamic. This means, that they change in time. So far this was related to sexappeal and action parameters of the creator. This mechanism was used to simulate the aging of creators. In the new version there are two more parameters which will change over time: popularity and talent.

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Profiles in the cloud

Version 0.9.0 of Movie Business will make it possible to store the profile in the so-called. cloud that is on the game server.

In which situations this feature can be handy:

  • when we play with more than one computer so start the game on the first one but we leave for example. on holidays to parents home, and we would like to proceed with the acquisition of such subsequent challenges. Then we can export a profile before you leave and then import it on the new computer (where you installed the game).
  • the second often case is when you re-install computer. Here again before reinstalling we export profile and after new instalation can recover it from the cloud.

Due to the fact, that store the profile in the cloud takes up valuable space on the server this feature is available for donors from golden level.

Translation and review updates

The new version of the Movie Business introduces some significant changes and improvements in reviews. The emergence of sequels forced a significant amount of development conditions, that affect their creation. It was necessary to add many dependencies between the new film, and the original one, starting from its assessment of the, by the values of the individual parameters of the scenario, the presence or absence of specific creators and the assessment of their performance in both parts. Dependencies are quite complex and… We'll see how they will work in practice. Sugeruję jednak uważne przyglądanie się nowym recenzjom 🙂

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Creators set update 32

This is the last entry before Christmas. As you probably guessed, this means, that this year there will be no new version of MB2. You have to wait for it until next year (but this is not so long). To make your waiting time a bit more pleasure I have for you a new update of creators set. It contains 56 new and updated characters and 174 photos.

For those who have forgotten how to update a set reminder link.

As I mentioned this last entry before Christmas so, I wish you peaceful, warm, family holidays and interesting gifts under the tree.

And yet small information for donors. After the holidays probably you will receive an email with a small surprise…

Short films

Until now, short films were one of the genre. It was not the best solution because the shorts are rather form than genre. I decided to change it and impulse were the comments I received from the author Level Design books about game design, I mentioned to you on the occasion of the crowfounding collection on the Polak Potrafi service.

As a person who supporting this project as a reward I chose the opportunity to receive analysis of any game. Of course, the choice fell on Movie Business 2. As a result, I received several page document with some suggestions related to game design. One of them was to give players opportunities to experiment more easily without incurring high risk, in the form of loss and rapidly bankruptcy. Jacek, author analyzes, as the solution proposed creation of short films, which would be less expensive to manufacture, and therefore, in case of no success, the effects of this have not been so severe for a player.

I liked that suggestion, and that i just had to get rid of the short films, it was a good opportunity to modify the game.

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T-Shirts and shop with gadgets of Movie Business

Mdc BFMB LogoSanta Claus is coming and Christmas so this is the best time for gifts. And going against the biggest fans of the game, I have a little surprise for you. Now you can fend for themselves (or your loved ones) make a gift in the form of gadgets related to the Movie Business.

From today officially is available shop with gadgets associated with the game Movie Business. At first glance they go several types of T-shirts with motifs of the game. More details will learn of the new section Shop.


Today the new functionality available for Donors. Several times appeared suggestion of players to allow infinite playing time or be able to continue the game after the completion of regular, for a given type of game, time. I not really liked the idea because of the fact, the game includes many algorithms depend on the passage of time. These include aging artists and other dynamic parameters. Another problem is the data structure, which can be overloaded with too long a period of game. Longer explanation for the lack of this functionality can be found in FAQ section.


Starting However, the expectations of the players, but I decided to do a little experiment and share new option called Game+.

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Changes in the levels of donors

The Movie Business is constantly being developed, appear the newer and more advanced mechanisms and therefore I have found, that the current amount of donations do not reflect a substantial amount of time and effort in creating the game. Since their were establihsed it has been quite a bit of time during which the game heavily developed and offers a lot more features and powerful options. As, that in the next version there will be additional features only available to donors I decided to slightly modify the thresholds for the various levels of donations.

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Temporary production costs depend on the film's budget

Temporary production costs are the additional costs incurred by the manufacturer during the production of the film. Their amount depends on the amount and types of artists involved in the project. To date, however, their high, was independent of the budget of the film which caused, that player producing a multi-million budget movie even did not notice them.

In the new version of the game it is about to change. Monthly production costs will depend on the budget (the cost of the whole movie). What will be the consequences? Well, such, that much more care need to be take about the length of film production. Since every month these costs can (though not necessarily – due to the random factor) grow.

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In the current (0.8.7) version of the game, production screen of the new film you can see an option “sequel”, However, it has no influence on such production. When I started to think over how this future would look like in the final implementation I have come to the conclusions, that should behave quite differently than I thought in the past.

Here is how the sequels will look since version 0.9.0 Movie Business 2.

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Freedom in the actions of the director

Additional features, that was visible in the production dialog of a new film almost from the beginning, but so far has not been implemented, It is possibile to give free hand for director. The new version of the game, finally, This option will run.

What it will consist? Well, in a big cinema on the final shape of the film very much affects the producer often limiting the activities of director (hence the rash of directing films in versions designed to present a true vision of director). In the Movie Business player (or producer) will have the opportunity to give a certain freedom in the doings of the director affecting the ultimate shape of the movie.

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The second part of the Movie Business offers the possibility to export films produced by players to the site with statistics online MovieStats. Thanks Your best productions can hit the global boxoffice where you can view and compare performance with other fans of game. Unfortunately due to the non-commercial nature of Movie Business, and limited the amount of space available for hosting, It is not possible to send all produced by You movies. Sometimes there are situations when you would like to share with other players (or the author of the game) movie, which was not the best but something stood out among all the other production.

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Script adjustements

Scripts, which are the basis for the production of films in the Movie Business, You can get in two main ways: buy ready-made script on the open market, or create it from scratch, in its sole discretion.

When we entered into possession of a scenario it could not be modified. At most, during the film production itself, We can change its ending or ultimate to censorshiop the movie, which could lead to a reduction in the amount of violence and / or sex in final production.

In the earliest version of the game will appear, however, the option of introducing adjustements to the existing script.

How it will look like?

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Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair is the title of the novel by Williama Makepeaca Thackeraya published in 1847 which is a satire on English society of nineteenth century. This place is suspicious, full of deceit, hypocrisy, lies and respect for appearances. Vanity Fair It is also the name of a popular magazine devoted to the culture, politics, the life of celebrities and fashion. And in this context, it must be interpreted in the game.

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