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What do you think about English film reviews in the game.


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21/02/2019 8:04 am  

Descriptive reviews in the game is one of the feature which I am proud most (especially the Polish one which had much more complicated grammar than English). Of course they are the best in Polish version of the game. It is quite obvious as I am native speaker in this language. But there are few other reasons behind it.

Because quite big number of texts used in the reviews (now 5400) most of them are automatically translated. As they came from real reviews of users and critics a lot of them are context sensitive and uses some slang or complicated idioms which do not make much sense when translated buy machines.

So what do you think about current reviews in English. Do they impress you (even if there are some problems with translation?).

Do they bring some benefits to the game?

Would you contribute if there would be some online tool which would allow you to fix some of the translations manually?

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