Cult characters

Just as there is a new version of the game, and I think the other interesting features. One of the following ideas that appeared are called. the cult of heroes.

What it is?

It often happens that the character played by the actor in a particular film is distinctive enough that when you create your film (e.g. the equivalent) do you think carefully about this role.

Hence the idea to the actor that plays the roles had photo clearly indicating at what's going on. This means that the actor in addition to the standard 5 images assigned to their age will be able to have additional photos of such a cult hero.

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Version 0.8.5 this with games now downloadable

I am pleasure to present groundbreaking, for the second part of the Movie Business, version 0.8.5 game, containing the expected, for a very long time, by many players saving of the game state.

Other highlights of the new version are:

For a complete list of changes and modifications see version history.

The game, as usual, can be download from Download MB2.

I wish you a pleasant fun.

P.S. Well, the record of the state of the game is already ... now I'm waiting for donations od wszystkich, którzy obiecywali, że zrobią ją jak ta opcja pojawi się w grze 😉

Refreshing the parameters of creators

Jakiś czas temu skontaktował się ze mną Kacper (MrWeista), jeden z graczy Biznesu Filmowego, z sugestią, że parametry wielu twórców wydają się być nieaktualne. Musiałem mu przyznać rację, gdyż wielu z nich było dodanych 10 (a nawet więcej) lat temu. A przez ten okres dużo się zmieniło zarówno w świecie filmu jak i w algorytmach oraz założeniach gry. Co ważne Karol nie tylko zauważył problem, ale również zaproponował konkretną pomoc w weryfikacji tych parametrów.

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Art market and selling of paintings

For a long time in the Film Business 2 it is possible to purchase works of art in the form of paintings. exactly... purchase, nothing more can be done with them. The new version will eventually allow you to fully invest in this market.

First, the paintings will be available for sale. Secondly, image prices will vary depending on several factors. These will events, the frequency of a given type of image (from a given style/specific author) at auctions, as well as market reactions to the actions of the connoisseur of Vico art.

Profits (or losses) will not be too large, but investing in works of art is intended to protect capital, especially against random events (which operate on the percentage of cash held by the player). Of course, you can not forget about the trophies associated with this element of the game.

It's all version 0.8.5

New game mode

Another novelty planned in the upcoming version of the Film Business is the new game mode. I admit that I did not plan to add more modes because It seemed to me that the current number of them is sufficient and provides a wide range of gameplay variants. After discussions with the players, however, it turned out that they had a slightly different point of view and wanted to play more stress-free at times.

So here are the assumptions of the new mode, which has been Quick game.

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Help: Trophies

Some players dopominali to the game. Because write the entire Department is quite a time-consuming job and unlikely to happen in one or even a few afternoons, I decided to gradually write the chapters describing the game. Here are today so the first part of the aid to the game dedicated to the Trophies.

The individual chapters of help will appear on the page Help.

MovieBusiness new site alias

The movie business has another alias official website www. This is the that redirects to the home page where it is easier to select a language version. This is making it easier for all non English speaking players.

Alias of course still works and the player who speak the language of Polish may continue to use it. They will be directed immediately to the site with news in Polish.

Help for beginners (and not only)

Friday night or the beginning of the weekend. Perhaps you have more time today and you'd like to read something interesting… Here's so I have a proposal for you. A new long text about which some have requested for a long time now. Movie Business 2 for beginners This is the opening entry assistance to the second part of the game. Although the intentions had to be addressed for starting his fun with BF2 I think experienced players also will read it with interest.

The text can be found in the new section Help. I will try from time to time to expand it with a detailed description of the following functionality available in the game.

Happy reading (any comments obviously welcome).

Movie Business on IndieDB

Film Business conquers the world... or at least try. I found that the game is mature enough to be presented to a slightly wider audience. This is how the game got its profile on one of the largest portals promoting independent games IndieDB.

You can find the game profile at:

We'll see if it brings something positive for the project…

Oscar Film Business 2 in version 0.8.2 is ready to download.

As announced in previous post zapowiedziami nowa wersja BF2 jest już gotowa do pobrania. Najważniejsze zmiany to:

  • poprawiony balans zysków, oceny krytyków, reklamy i innych algorytmów
  • ułatwienia dla początkujących (mniej wymagający tryb gry imprezowej, łatwiejsze odblokowywanie gatunków, łatwiejsze nominacje do festiwalu w Sundance)
  • nowe typy recenzji oraz ponad 450 nowych elementów z których tworzone są recenzje
  • the ability to send to Facebook a picture from your own film premiere
  • oraz wiele innych mniejszych poprawek i usprawnień.

Pełną listę zmian, jak zawsze, znajdziecie w version history.

Feel free to Download i czekam na opinie dotyczące nowego zbalansowania gry.

The changes in version 0.8.2

In accordance with the previously announced time for some more specific information about the changes planned in the next version of BF2 marked passes 0.8.2. It focused mainly on improving the balance of the game. Balance which is extensively and on a few essential for game elements.

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Before the Oscars

When approaching the next edition of the hand the Oscars would be nice to spend it with the new version of the movie Business. So I wanted to inform You that work is underway on the next installment of BF2, which the Prime Minister should take place before the Oscars ceremony. It is true that it is not according to me, the most prestigious award ... but without a doubt the most known.

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Fixes i.e. version 0.8.1

This is probably the last note of the year. As part of the mini Christmas gift, the new version of Film Business 2. Although it does not introduce any news, but it corrects a few minor bugs.

Detailed information about modifications and amendments can be found in version history.

Before installing a new version, uninstall the old one from your computers.

The game can be download from section Download MB2

Apart from this, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a lot of cool movies... not only in Movie Business…

New poll on the remake of the first game

From today it is time for a new poll before, however, you will know the details of a few of your comment to the results of probes dedicated to Business difficulties.

The question was:

How to oceniłbyś the degree of difficulty of BF2?

Was given 67 votes and the results were as follows.

  • far too difficult (13%, 9 votes)
  • a bit too difficult (34%, 23 votes)
  • at the same time (39%, 26 votes)
  • a bit too easy (7%, 5 votes)
  • far too easy (7%, 4 votes)

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Version 0.8.0 ready for download!

I am pleased to announce that a new version Business of film 2 is now available and ready for download.

I remind you that the most important changes that you will find in it are the availability of two polish and English language versions in the game and improving the balance of challenges, trophies and objectives. There was also a new version of the set with a few additional creators.

Other changes can be found in the last post, and detailed information about modifications and fixes can be found in the version history.

Also, remember the orders that were done on the MovieStats . Accounts not used (without activation) have been deleted, while the rest have been cleared of the history of all achievements, statistics and videos.

Finally, one more piece of information. In a week's time, a new probe is launched... I think very intriguing… i mam nadzieję, że nie będę jej żałował 😉

For now, let me know what do you think of the new version and come back here in a week…

The game can be download from section Download MB2