Creators set update 31

I am pleased to present you another update of creators set version 31. This time, Kacper, who works hard over the balance of the parameters of current set of creators, He took a little break and decided to add more actors, which in his opinion he was lacking in the game. They are mostly reliable performers, who had the opportunity to play in many famous movies ... although rather in less significant roles.

From my side, I decided to complete the set of artists, fashionable lately, Scandinavian cinema (especially crime). I also added a few interesting artists, whose films could be seen during the last edition of the festival New Horizons.

In total update adds or modifies 76 creators and 234 photos. Making, that the whole default set has more than 2000 creators !!!

I hope, that this update will please your waiting till around October, when it starts to become more intense period for fans of the Movie Business and real flood of information related to the next version of the game…

For those who have forgotten how to update a set reminder link.

Level Design and Film Business or collection on PolakPotrafi

A few days ago, on crowdfunding service has been started project for ebook "Game Engineering. Level Design for Beginners." For its implementation responsible is the the team who creates a blog Wonderland Engineering, Its main initiator and leader is Jacek Wesolowski. I am following Jack's blog (formerly Inżynieria Wszechświetności) for a long time and I do appreciate his writings and knowledge of the game design (He has worked on several very well known AAA titles so he has a lot of experience). Therefore, I decided to support this project and his team.

All right, but why does this matter to you. Well, this action may have an impact on the Movie Business. How? Among the prizes offered for support is such, in which the authors of this publication will make analysis of any game in terms of its design: what already works, what not and how it can be improved. Of course the game, I intend to be analyzed is… Movie Business (Biznes Filmowy) 2.

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Set upgrade to version 29

Today I have for you update of creators' set with number 29. It contains next hundred of artists for whom statistics were refreshed and over 20 new characters (this time a lot of operators). And also something special to celebrate Women's Day ... women politicians, których do tej pory brakowało w grze 🙂

If you want to remind yourself how the process upgrade of the set looks like check here.

And by the way happy Women's Day approaching for all fans of the Film Business!


Making of Movie Business Trailer

Today, another blog post in the series of Director’s cut or text published on my personal blog, this time it describes how the first official trailer of the game was made. It is not limited only to the technical section but it describes the whole process from the assumptions, inspiration and initial ideas to technical implementation and related to this problems.

I do not boasting, it's pretty interesting text. The entry can be found on my personal blog

Premiere of the first trailer of Movie Business

Today I am pleased to present the first official trailer of Movie Business. Fans who follows the game on Facebook or having it in it's circles on Google could already see a pre-release version but they also find something new in this note.

I want to present you two versions of the trailer. Because I can not decide, which one should officially promote the game it is you will make this decision . Vote in mini poll, which of the following versions you like more. Additional justification you can put in the comments.

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Version 0.8.6 with fixes and some new stuff

The main reason for the emergence of this version was correction of error reported by the user Maciekw7, concerning the lack of information about the awards won by the film in the game save. It turned out, however,, that in addition to this important correction I was able to put a few more, slightly smaller, but quite useful functions.

Here are the most important ones:

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Anniversary: 10 years of Movie Business 2!

15 January 2005 was officially released the first version Movie Business 2: The Road to Hollywood marked as 0.1.0 and the status of Alpha. Today passes 10 years from that day! As, the main way to celebrate this anniversary was to issue a few weeks ago the game with the option to save the state of the game today, several smaller updates and changes in various places on the page.

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New year with new artists

With best wishes for the New Year I bring you quite big update of creators. Package version 26 adds 63 creators , mainly cinema stars from the 80s. This allows greater choice of real artists starting the game in this period (you will not have to rely solely on random generated persons without photos).

Details related to procedure of the update can be found at sub-page in the FAQ section.

Cult characters

Just about a new version of the game was released, and already thinking about new interesting features for the next releases. One of the new ideas, which appeared is so-called. cult characters.

What it is?

Often, the character played by a particular actor in a particular film is so characteristic, that when you create your movie (for example,. equivalent of this production) you think exactly about the role.

Hence the idea that the actor who plays this particular role have the picture clearly indicating on what character you have in mind. This means, that the actor in addition to standard 5 pictures assigned to his age will be able to have additional photos of such cult character.

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Version 0.8.5 with saving game state now available for download

I am pleasure to present groundbreaking, for the second part of the Movie Business, version 0.8.5 of the game, containing the desired, for a very long time, by many players saving of the game state.

Other key features of the new release include:

For a complete list of changes and modifications see version history.

The game, as usual, can be download from Download MB2.

I wish you to enjoy the game.

P.S. Well save game option is ready... now I'm waiting for donations from all the players, who promised, że zrobią ją jak ta opcja pojawi się w grze 😉

Refreshing the parameters of creators

Some time ago I was contacted by Kacper (MrWeista), one of players of Movie Business, suggested, that the parameters of many artists seem to be out of date. I had to agree with him, because many of them were added 10 (and even more) years ago. And by this time a lot has changed both in the film world as well as in algorithms and rules of the game. What is important is not only Kacper noticed a problem, but also offered concrete help in the verification of these parameters.

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Art market and selling of paintings

For a long time in the Movie Business 2 it is possible to purchase works of art in the form of paintings. Exactly ... purchase, nothing more can be done with them. The new version finally allow the full investment in this market.

Firstly, you will be able to sell paintings. Second, the price of images will vary depending on several factors. E.g: Events, the incidence of a particular type of image (with a particular style / specific author) at auctions, and the market reaction to the actions of art connoisseur Vico.

Earnings (or loss) will not be too big but investing in art allows protect the capital, primarily against random events (which operate on a percentage of cash owned by the player). Of course you can not forget about the trophies associated with this element of the game.

It's all in the version 0.8.5

New game mode

Another new feature planned for the next version of Movie Business is a new game mode. I admit, that I was not planned to add another mode because it seemed to me, that the actual number of them is sufficient and provides a wide range of gametypes . However after discussions with some players turned out,, that they have a slightly different point of view and would like to play sometimes in more casual way.

So here are main features of a new mode, which was tentatively named Quick game.

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In the next version of Movie Business…

It is high time to discover first information about what changes you can expect in the next version of Movie Business. And I'll start with something that many players waiting anxiously for a very long time ... yes, this is a saving state of the game.

Below you will find some details on how this will be realised.

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Help: Trophies

Some players were asking about help for the game. Since writing the entire help is quite time-consuming task and is unlikely to happen in one or even a few afternoons, I decided to gradually write the chapters describing the game. So today, the first part of the help to game which describes idea of Trophies.

The individual chapters of help will appear on the page Help.

MovieBusiness new site alias

Movie Business has another alias for official web site. It is which redirects to the home page where it is easier to select the language version. It should help for all non-Polish speaking players to access the game.

Alias of course, is still working and the players who speaks Polish can continue to use it. They will be immediately redirected to the site with news in Polish language.

Help for begginers (and not only for them)

Friday's evening means the beginning of the weekend. Perhaps today you have more time and want something interesting to read… so I have a proposal for you. New quite long text which some of you have asked for a long time. Movie Business (Biznes Filmowy) 2 for beginners This post inaugurating "help" for second part of the game. Although at the beggining it was aimed to new players who starts with MB2, I think that the experienced players also read it with interest.

The text can be found in the new section Help. I will try from time to time to extend it for a detailed description of the new functionalities available in the game.

Enjoy reading (All comments welcome, of course,).

Movie Business on IndieDB

Movie Business conquers the world ... or at least will try. I decided, that the game is mature enough, that it is worth to be presented a broader audience. This is how the game profile was created on one of the largest game portal which promotes independent games IndieDB.

Profile of the game can be found at:

We'll see if it brings something positive for the project…

Oscar-winning Movie Business 2 version 0.8.2 ready for download

As announced in previous post a new version of MB2 is ready for download. The most important changes are:

  • improved balance of profits, critics evaluation, advertising and other algorithms
  • easier for beginners (less demanding party-game mode, easier to unlock the genres, easier nominations for the Sundance Film Festival)
  • new types of reviews and over 450 new elements which are used for crating reviews
  • the ability to send to Facebook a picture from your own film premiere
  • and many other minor fixes and improvements.

For a complete list of changes, as always, see version history.

Feel free to Download I am looking forward on your feedback releated to new game balance.

Before the Oscars

While next edition of the Oscars is coming it would be nice to spend it with the new version of the Movie Business. So I wanted to inform you about, progress of the work releated to new version of MB2, the release should take place before the announcing the Oscar winners. Admittedly, this is not for me, the most prestigious award ... but without a doubt the most famous.

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