Hotfix that is a new version of

As is usually the case. that is how to throw the game on deep water it appear any problems. This time, Kathy found a bug related to bad counting scenarios created by the player. The problem is, on average, appears sporadically (only Bartosz it reported) but I suggest at the earliest opportunity update the game (because, as it appears you will not be able to create a scenario). By the way, I fixed a couple of small things (what you can see in the version history.)

As, that treats it as a hot fix, the game doesn't force you to update, and the new version is marked passes (it is important for the tip) and dated today. Welcome to the download page

Version 0.9.4 available for download

As promised, just before another Gala hand Oscars I am pleased to present the next version of the movie Business 2 marked passes 0.9.4. However, before download it a few words of introduction.

As usual, a summary of the most important changes and innovations introduced in this version can be found at version history, and a more detailed description of the new functionality in the entry on my personal blog.

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Director's cut: a summary of what's new in version 0.9.4

Until the release of the next version of the game was left very little time. According to tradition, invites so at your personal blog in order to get acquainted with the most important news, changes and modifications that appear in version 0.9.4 now any day. This is a summary of what you may have read on the project over the past several weeks in a single post. There are additional information which no longer had time to inform you and the new pictures from the game.

This entry is added to the Director’s cut and for now I invite you to read it in the post entitled What's new in version 0.9.4 of the movie Business 2.

In the next version… The relationship and chemistry between the creators and producer

Today about the functionality, which was proposed by several people but I admit that that I have a lot of doubts about whether she should appear in the game. After all I did an experiment and I implemented the basic mechanics. Talking about relationships and chemistry between artists.

What are these new concepts in the game world?

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Director's Cut: Cult movies

On the occasion of the entry of the cult films I mentioned that in the framework of the cycle Director's Cut I'm going to describe to you could the formation of this new functionality. Because the subject is quite extensive, I decided to dedicate an entire separate entry on his personal blog. It is now available at this link also included in the section Director's Cut.

I wish you pleasant reading!

In the next version. Images of the car and the exhibition

In the Film Business in addition to movies, from the beginning there was the issue of excess cash on luxury. In the first part of it was the cars, possessions and even airplanes. In the second, there are auctions where you can buy works of art. The functionality of this, judging by the acquired by the players trophy does not enjoy a particularly keen interest. I must admit, however, that my "mission" is to create a game that is also educational. In the case of X. Muse is this familiarizing yourself with maybe less known but it is important and valuable, or simply iconic brawlers developers (probably you have noticed that the cross-section of the creators of the game is very wide: from teen idols, iconic heroes tv series, by the biggest Hollywood stars, legends of the film after the creators of the movies. and independent productions).

Similarly, I would like to make the game as many magnates in other fields of art ... and specifically the painting. So, here's the end (because this feature was, of course, planned from the very beginning) their images of your photos. That is, you will be able to see what you buy at auction. Maybe this will encourage You more for this type of investment.

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In the next version… Cult movies

Currently in Movie Business you can find cult characters which is the familiar characters played by specific actors in real movies. In the next version of time to go one step further and enter the cult movies. What they are and how they will look in the game, you will learn later in this entry.

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In the next version. Production with investor

Another problem, which is trying to resolve in the nearest version is a quick bankruptcy player at the beginning of the game. It is often the case that after two failed productions at the very beginning of the game, the player does not have the ability to rebound from the bottom, which can be frustrating, especially for those who are just starting their adventure with the Movie Business. One solution to this problem is to introduce deals executive producer about which I wrote before. Today at the second option "production with an investor".

Currently in the Film Business player in trouble financially, in desperation, you can use the help of the mafia. However, this is a last resort, not necessarily allow you to get out of the problems (and may cause feed in another ... in the end mafia sooner or later upomni for her). The new version will allow for more civilized approach to the problem, namely the ability to seek an external investor, which will allow for the partial financing of the production. Here's how this will work.

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In the next version. Post-production visualization

The movie business is not a game in which you will find too many fancy. By "wodotrysku" I understand such features, which do not affect in any way the deepening of the mechanics of the game, and are the only audiovisual rozpraszaczami/przyciągaczami. Hence, the game looks like it looks like… In the new version I decided to enhance it with a “fancy feature”. Will be the visualization of special effects. On what they rely on?

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In the next version. Production report

One of the more frequent complaints that occur in relation to the games, ranked primarily by beginners, is its randomness. Sheer randomness, however, is not the problem but the fact that often the Player cannot see the consequences of this randomness (in addition to the final assessment of the film). This situation occurs for example. during production of the film, when you make many calculations and some of them depends on certain factors. While some of them are visible to the player (such as star rating performance of the creators) is the other are not shown anywhere else.

The antidote for improving the current situation to be "production report" published after the war and show in detail several so far not visible decision pseudo random, which ultimately affected the final result of the film.

This report aims to facilitate understanding of the player why a particular film came out so and not otherwise. Not always the production report will contain some information – may be empty (that is, that there was some undesired random elements in addition to the performance artists).

This report can be useful in the future, when more features ... but more on that in subsequent episodes.


In the next version… Executive Producer

Wszyscy którzy śledzą w sieciach społecznościowych (Facebook / Google ) oficjalny profil gry wiedzą już, że trwają prace nad jej kolejną wersją. Dziś pora na pierwsze szczegóły z nią związane. Na pierwszy ogień idzie Producent Wykonawczy.

The idea of executive producer appeared inspired by the comments from the author Level Design for beginners Jacek Wesołowski. It turned out that BF2 doesn't allow safe experimentation. Failed decisions at the beginning of the game will result in a rapid defeat and discouragement among beginners. Remedy for it to be introduced recently short films ... They are cheaper to produce what in practice means to take less risk. Unfortunately, it seems that this idea was ultimately not good enough in practice.

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Video Tutorial: the cult of heroes

I am pleased to introduce you to the first in the history of the Movie Business video tutorial to the game. It is dedicated to Cult Characters. In the 10 minute video, I tell you about what is the cult of the hero, as their use in his own film, and how to add new, with the use of the service MovieStats.

In the context of the work on the MovieStats appeared, in fact, a new option that allows you to add your own iconic characters for a particular actor or actress. This movie shows in detail how to do it.

The video is recorded with the Polish comments but there are also subtitles in English. In addition, all examples have been presented on the English-language version of the game and MovieStats so that the material will be helpful also for all not speaking the language of Polish.

This is the first of this type of material for the movie Business, so let us know what you think about it. If you like it maybe in the future will follow movies about other aspects of the game.

In addition, after watching the video, you can run the game. Yesterday's version 0.9.2 contains more than 200 cult characters added by me. Immediately so you can try out this mechanism in practice. In MovieStats extended is also search engine. In addition to search it also allows developers to check whether a particular cult hero is back in the game. I hope that we also treat yourselves to add their favorite characters.

Version 0.9.1 – fixes and improvements

Powoli staje się tradycją, że po wypuszczeniu kolejnej dużej wersji gry, w krótki czasie po niej, pojawia się kolejna stanowiąca coś w stylu hotfixów. Efekt skali robi swoje i uruchamianie programu na wielu komputerach, przez wielu użytkowników powoduje znalezienie kolejnych błędów i usterek. Z częścią z nich można żyć, inne są dosyć krytyczne i wymagają dosyć szybkiej reakcji.

Tak się też stało z wersją 0.9.0, która jak się okazało zawiera dosyć poważny błąd w algorytmach. Skutkuje on tym, że po kilkunastu lat rozgrywki popularność wielu (średnio popularnych) twórców szybuje w kosmos. Problem znalazł ponownie Kacper, który podesłał mi filmik ilustrujący problem… Po analizie udało mi się znaleźć jego źródło i go usunąć.

Przy okazji sprawdził się nowy mechanizm wychwytujący i automatycznie wysyłający błędy do serwera online. Dzięki niemu dostałem automatyczne zgłoszenia kilku innych (mniejszych) problemów pojawiających się w specyficznych sytuacjach.

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Version 0.9.0 available for download

Z przyjemnością chciałem ogłosić że, po kilku miesiącach intensywnych prac, można już pobrać wersję 0.9.0 Biznesu Filmowego 2. Zanim jednak to uczynicie przeczytajcie jeszcze kilka ważnych informacji.

Information about changes and news in this release can be found in version history, and a more detailed description of the new functionality in the entry on my personal blog.

Wraz z nową wersją, gra wymaga uaktualnionej biblioteki .NET Framework (do wersji 4.5). Spokojnie, najprawdopodobniej nic szczególnego nie musicie robić, bo pewnie macie je już zainstalowane na Waszych systemach (biblioteka ta jest bardzo popularna i jest używana przez wiele aplikacji jak np. sterowniki karty graficznej). Jeżeli podczas instalacji nie zostanie ona wykryta instalator poinformuje Was o tym i wskaże gdzie można ją download. Gdyby jednak z jakiś powodów coś poszło nie tak, po prostu dajcie mi znać na maila. Będę starał się Wam pomóc rozwiązać problem.

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A summary of what's new in version 0.9.0

The new version of the Movie Business 2 marked passes 0.9.0 is fast approaching. So collect all the news, changes and modifications that appear in this version of the game and summarize it in one post. Welcome to the text on the my private blog, where in addition to a summary of all recent posts about the new version, there is some slightly more extensive comments to each of the new features, as well as a few not yet described. Link to this entry has also been placed in the section Director's Cuts.

I invite you to read and any comments.

Dynamic parameters

As you probably know some parameters in the Film Business is dynamic. This means that they change over time. So far this was parameters associated with sex appeal and the action of the creator. This mechanism was used to simulate aging. In the new version of the time will be subject to two more: popularity and talent.

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Profiles in the cloud

Wersja 0.9.0 Biznesu Filmowego umożliwi przechowywanie profilu gracza w tzw. chmurze czyli na serwerze gry.

In which situations this feature can come in handy:

  • gdy gramy więcej niż na jednym komputerze czyli rozpoczynamy grę na pierwszym ale wyjeżdżamy np. na święta do domu, a chcielibyśmy kontynuować np zdobywanie kolejnych wyzwań. Wówczas to możemy wyeksportować taki profil przed wyjazdem a następnie zaimportować go na nowym komputerze (gdzie wcześniej zainstalowaliśmy grę).
  • Another common case is to reinstall the computer. Here again before reinstalling export profile and reinstall we can recover it from the cloud.

Ze względu na fakt, że przechowywanie profilu w chmurze zajmuje cenne miejsce na serwerze jest to funkcja dostępna dla donors od poziomu złotego.

Translation and review updates

Nowa wersja Biznesu Filmowego wprowadza kilka istotnych zmian i usprawnień w recenzjach. Pojawienie się sequeli wymusiło znaczne rozbudowanie ilości warunków, które wpływają na ich tworzenie. Niezbędne było dodanie wielu zależności pomiędzy nowym filmem, a oryginałem, począwszy od jego oceny, przez wartości poszczególnych parametrów scenariusza, po obecność lub brak konkretnych twórców oraz oceny ich występu w obu częściach. Zależności są dosyć skomplikowane izobaczymy jak będą sprawdzać się w praktyce. Sugeruję jednak uważne przyglądanie się nowym recenzjom 🙂

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Short films

Do tej pory filmy krótkometrażowe stanowiły jedne z gatunków. Nie było to najszczęśliwsze rozwiązanie bo krótki metraż to raczej forma niż gatunek. Postanowiłem to zmienić a impulsem były komentarze jakie otrzymałem od autora Level Design books about game design, o której wspominałem Wam przy okazji zbiórki na serwisie Polak Potrafi.

Jako osoba wspierająca ten projekt w nagrodę wybrałem możliwość otrzymania analizy dowolnej gry. Oczywiście wybór padł na Biznes Filmowy 2. W wyniku otrzymałem kilku stronicowy dokument wraz z kilkoma sugestiami dotyczącymi projektu gry. Jedną z nich było danie graczom możliwości łatwiejszego eksperymentowania bez ponoszenie dużego ryzyka, w postaci strat prowadzących do szybkiego bankructwa. Jacek, autor analizy, jako rozwiązanie zaproponował właśnie tworzenie filmów krótkometrażowych, które byłyby tańsze w produkcji, a w związku z tym, w przypadku nie powodzenie, skutki tego nie były by tak dotkliwe dla gracza.

Sugestia ta bardzo mi się spodobała, a że i tak miałem się pozbyć filmów krótkometrażowych, była to dobra okazja do modyfikacji w grze.

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Today about the new functionality available to Donors. Several times she appeared suggestion players to allow infinite playing time or be able to continue the game after completion of the standard, for a given type of gameplay time. Not quite enjoyed this idea due to the fact that the game contains multiple algorithms depend on the passage of time. These include aging and other dynamic parameters. An additional problem is the structure of the data, which can be overloaded by too long a period. A longer explanation of the lack of such functionality can be found in the FAQ section.


Starting However, the expectations of the players, but I decided to do a little experiment and share new option called Game+.

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Changes in the levels of donors

The movie business is constantly being developed, appear in the newer and more sophisticated hence I have found that the current amount of donations do not reflect inserted time and effort in creating the game. Since their findings it has been, in fact, a lot of time during which the game heavily developed and offers a lot more features and powerful options. As that in the latest version appear more features available only to donors decided to slightly modify the thresholds for each level.

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Temporary production costs depend on the film's budget

Temporary production costs are the additional costs incurred by the producer in the production of the film. Their amount depends on the quantities and types of developers involved in our project. So far, their size, however, was independent of the budget of the film causing a player to produce a film about the multimillion budget of even ignoring them.

The new version of the game it will change. Monthly production costs will depend on the budget (the cost of the entire movie). What will be the consequences? Ano such that much more will have to be careful of the length of the production of the film. With every month since these costs can (but need not – due to the random factor) to grow.

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In the current (0.8.7) version of the game, in the production of the new film you will see option “sequel”However, it does not have any significantly on the fate of such production. When I started to wonder how it would look in the final form of an implementation of this functionality I've come to the conclusion that it should behave quite differently than it used to be I thought.

So here is how to look the sequels made from version 0.9.0 Movie Business 2.

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Freedom in the actions of the director

Kolejną funkcjonalnością, która gościła w oknie produkcji nowego filmu niemal od początku ale do tej pory nie była zaimplementowana, jest możliwość dania wolnej ręki reżyserowi. W nowej wersji gry, w końcu, opcja ta zacznie działać.

What will it consist of? Well, in a big cinema on the final shape of the movie very strongly influences the manufacturer often limiting the activities Director (hence the crop of movies in versions of reżyserskich which represent a real vision of the Director). In the Film Business, the player (or the manufacturer) will have the opportunity to Denmark a certain freedom in the doings of the Director affecting the ultimate shape of the film.

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