Before the Oscars

While next edition of the Oscars is coming it would be nice to spend it with the new version of the Movie Business. So I wanted to inform you about, progress of the work releated to new version of MB2, the release should take place before the announcing the Oscar winners. Admittedly, this is not for me, the most prestigious award ... but without a doubt the most famous.

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Small bug fixes in new version 0.8.1

This is probably the last note in this year. As mini Christmas present from me a new version of the Movie Business 2. While it do not introduce any new features but fixes a few minor bugs.

Detailed information about modifications and amendments can be found in version history.

Before installing the new version please unistall the old version from you computers.

The game can be download from section Download MB2

Apart from this, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and a lot of cool movies... not only in Movie Business…

New poll on the remake of the first game

Starting from today a new poll is ready for voting, but before you will know more details a few words of comment to the results of the poll dedicated to difficulty Movie Business.

The question was:

How would you rate the difficulty of MB2?

There were 67 of votes and the results were as follows.

  • far too difficult (13%, 9 votes)
  • a bit too difficult (34%, 23 votes)
  • actually ok (39%, 26 votes)
  • a bit too easy (7%, 5 votes)
  • far too easy (7%, 4 votes)

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Version 0.8.0 ready for download!

I am pleased to announce that a new version Movie Business 2 is now available and ready for download.

I recall, that the most important changes, which can be found in the game are: availablity in two languages, Polish and English, and improve balance challenges, trophies and career aims. It appeared also a new version of a set with several additional creators.

Other changes can be found in the last post, and detailed information on modifications and amendments can be found in version history.

Don't forget also about cleaning, that has been done on MovieStats . Accounts not used (without activation) were removed, for the rest clearing was made including all achievements, statistics and movies.

Yet another information. In a week new poll will start... I think, it is very intriguing… and I hope, że nie będę jej żałował 😉

For now, let me know what do you think of the new version and come back here in a week…

The game can be download from section Download MB2

What's new in version 0.8.0

The release of the new version of Movie Business is coming. It is high time to present the most important changes, You will find there.

Biznes Filmowy and Movie Business

The biggest news (in terms of time spent on it) it is what you already know from previous posts. Support for multiple languages. Both the game and MovieStats service will be available in Polish- and English language. The official name of the game in English will be Movie Business 2 (with a small subtitle "The Road to Hollywood” 😉

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BF2 version 0.7.7

It's time for my Christmas gift for all fans of BF2 in the form of a new version of the game. The most important changes I wrote in the previous memo. For a complete list of corrected errors and modifications can be found in the version history. Be Warned, It is difficult to. I hope that you will find some free time in the holidays and though a small part of you will spend playing in the Film Business. The game can be download from section Download MB2.

This year, it's probably the last note (I guess, that there are some serious problems with the new version), so I wish you healthy, Happy Holidays in a pleasant and family atmosphere, Champagne fun new year's Eve and all the best in the new year.

Planned changes in the version 0.7.7 MB2

The upcoming next version of BF2 does look revolutionary may. At first glance, because it does not introduce any new functionality. However, you will find the most important changes "under the hood" in algorithms. Though they may at first appear to be minor… I think, that will affect quite significantly and strategies realizmy players.

So here are the most important changes, which can be found in the next version of the game.

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The last serious failures (server aliases to a Web page) have made, that access to services related to the design of the BF was heavily eroded. The whole situation irritated me enough, that I made the decision to buy back its own domain.

Because I have a couple of non-commercial projects too expensive would be the establishment of a separate domain for each of them. Therefore, I decided to group all of your "work" under one umbrella:

From today, so the official addresses of the parties related to the Film Business is:

Additional benefit for you, with new domains, It's no ads, that pop up when I used the aliases

Although the old redirects still remained (Today, probably even work) It's looking at their niedeterministyczność, I suggest to update your bookmarks and use the new, official addresses.

If You are interested in a slightly longer history I invite you to your private blog where I devoted this event full entry.

New page – Director's Cut

Because nazbierało already quite a lot of long entries for the Business of Film in my personal blog, I decided to put direct links to them, also on the official website of the BFA. I think, that every fan will find there a lot of interesting information about the game, and curiosities of the process of its formation. So here today to welcome a new section in the menu Game, entitled, Director's Cut. Feel free to check.

How do I add artists to the Movie Business

This time, on my private blog, I put quite a long and detailed text describing how to add your own suggestions to the creators of the Film Business 2. I have tried to describe each aspect and the parameter that you must specify. Although the text is based on the online editor available MovieStats the information contained there are quite detailed and also will be useful when you want to create your own set using the BF2 Editor.

The full entry you will find here.