In the next version… Intensification of advertising

The next update is fast approaching time so for the first leaks what you will find in it. Among the ideas you have suggested to me, there is often the issue of trailers. Well, you would like to be able to create and release trailers for your movies. In general, I'm not a fan of too much micro management, which is why until now, not outright, trailers were hidden under the option of a marketing campaign. It was simply assumed that if a player during the campaign chose TV or TV Sat then such a trailer for the film will be created. One thing, on the other hand, in terms of advertising that was missing was the fact that just before the film's release, marketing efforts were invigorated. I decided to combine these two requirements and create what I called intensification of advertising

What will this intensification be? Well, just before the premiere, the player will be able to strengthen his advertising. This can be by launching a trailer, radio advertising, creating an article about the production for the press, or displaying posters in the city. What's more, this form of advertising will be able to focus on one of four aspects of production. Characters, stories, atmosphere or special effects. Of course, some media highlight individual aspects better. For example, if you focus on special effects then here the trailer is actually the most effective form of advertising.

The type of intensification available depends on the marketing strategy specified in your ad.

Importantly, the types of this intensification and its intensity will depend on the current marketing strategy. Depending on its settings (budget and funds allocated for a given advertising medium), the player will have access to the appropriate type of intensification. This adds extra depth to your marketing efforts. Until now (as I guess) you usually set up the campaign at the very beginning of production. Now it may be desirable to change it just before the premiere to target into the right type of advertising in which we want to invest just before the premiere.

What aspect of production should the ad focus before the launch.

What does a player gain? Well, the intensification of advertising allows you to gain additional hype just before the release. And the intensity of this advertising depends on the resources allocated to them. In the rumors, of course, you will receive information about the reactions of viewers to your actions. That is how they liked the trailer and how it affected the hype of the production. (Whether the trailer liked it depends on whether the aspect of the film came out well or poorly.)

And here are the results of our intensification actions.

You may be wondering why it's so complicated. Well, it seems to me that the addition of the usual option “add trailer” is too trivial and does not bring any additional depth to the game. Players would mechanically release trailers that would automatically increase interest in the film. If you use the intensification of advertising, you need to think a little and experiment…

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