In the next version… Addiction

During the game you probably happened to encounter various random events. Among them were, for example, those related to drugs. Until now, these were only mentions that resulted in at most extension of production time or possibly the need to pay a deposit. As stimulants are quite an important topic of the world of celebrities, I decided to slightly expand this aspect in the game ... and so in the next edition of the game addictions will appear.

Check out the creator's description and addiction sections…

Each creator will have dedicated statistics on this topic. And so when the creator comes across an event e.g. drug possession then his drug addiction will increase.

Of course, addiction will not be limited to “Ashes”There you will also find other types of which the most obvious is gambling or alcohol. The higher the addiction value, the more problems a given artist or our movie set may encounter.

Note, extreme addiction will even lead to the death of such a person. Of course, there will be some measures to prevent this, namely the ability to send such a delinquent to rehab. Not at all times, however, we will have such an opportunity, and on the other hand our hero does not have to agree to such treatment.

Of course, along with addictions, there will also be new events during production regarding this aspect of the game or existing ones will be modified. For example, the sum of all addictions of a given artist will affect his readership during interviews ... which may result in non-political statements of a given artist, which may lead to a boycott of our film by specific social groups who have been offended by such a delinquent.

That's it for the introduction of addictions. Of course, we will see how they work in practice soon ... although it is expected that there will be several weeks of work on the new version… So be patient…. intensive work is ongoing.

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