In the next version.... Test screening

W 2018 Edition among the events that may appear during the production were those related to the reaction of the audience after the test screening. It was an event somewhat detached from the reality of the game, because the player could not organize such a show. Expanding the potential events in the course of production I decided to fix it. In the latest version on the occasion of major productions, just before the premiere, the player will be given the opportunity to organize such a test show. Its result will be feedback from viewers and critics, what went wrong in the film.

This information can be used through an appropriate reaction to the received response. By spending some funds and devoting additional time, you can improve the selected element of production.

Note that the test screening can be organized only once. Hence, it will be a kind of lifeline for the player in which he will be able to react and influence the final rating of the film.

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