In the next version… Festival Gala

Festivals and awards are a very important element of the film world. In Movie Business they also play an important role. However, up to now, the celebration associated with festivals was not too great in the game. To say the truth, the player could even miss the fact that his film won the prize. In the new version it will change, in the end the festivals will definitely get a more celebrity setting ... thanks to the festival gal.

Well, if the player's film is nominated for a prize at a festival, he will be invited to the festival gala. Gala is just a bit more spectacular (and conducted with a bit more tension) presentation of nominated and awarded films at the festival. It is a purely visual element, but I think it will positively affect your feelings related to the undoubted distinction of winning a nomination or an award at a festival.

If the player is not nominated at a given festival, although he will not take part in the gala, he will still be able to see scores in the old form. (This time it will not be optional – as before – festival summary will always be presented to players).

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