In the next version… Changes to the game modes

One of my lecturers from Human-Computer Interaction course asked us once how much the application should have modes?… The correct answer was… 1. It is clear from this perspective that Movie Business is a badly designed application with 4 game modes. Unfortunately, life is not easy and different users have different needs and preferences, hence the number of game modes in the Movie Business will be greater than 1 ... However, observation of players' behavior has made me realize that some changes are needed in this area.

What happened? Well, what intrigued me in the behavior of players is the fact that many of the beginning film producers starts the game from Career Mode... This mode is clearly described as the most difficult mode in the game, which is not recommended for novice players ... Despite the warnings and big red stars popping up, many novice players with persistent of maniac began their adventure with the Movie Business from this mode. Of course, their adventure in this mode is very short, because immediately after the first or second film they go bankrupt. You can say that it is their fault, but as the user (player) is never wrong, it means that the current career mode needs improvement and I have to do something with it. (Especially that many players, after such a traumatic experience, are not interested in further learning about the game).

Therefore, in the upcoming version, I plan to re-organize some of the game modes. According to yours "not explicitly" suggestions, the default mode will become remodeled career mode. The remodeling will be based on the fact that I plan to divide current career mode into several stages. Each of them will rely on the same principles as the current career mode but the goals set for the player will change along with overcoming career levels.

Beginner player will have to start his career from the amateur level. Where, as on the amateur level, he will have access only to a few basic genres and relatively large cash at the start. During the amateur career, the player will have to complete simple tasks that will introduce him to the basic elements of the game. He will start by writing his own script with certain parameters, then he will produce the film based on this scenario. And so until the end of the game will have to meet increasingly difficult targets from different areas of the game.

If he succeeds, after the end of the game he will be unlocked the next level and the next game will be able to start from the graduate level. In addition to the reduced amount of cash, the player will also have other, more difficult targets to achieve... Although the core of the game in the career mode will not change then changing the structure of this mode will allow me to achieve two goals. Beginner player will have easy entry into the world of the game. And in addition, he will be able to continue his development in subsequent modes with increasingly difficult goals.

The only drawback of the new approach can be for advanced players. They will have to get through (at least) two games on the lower levels to unlock the professional mode (on which the current career begins).

Such changes in the career mode cause that the classic mode will be redundant, and will be removed from the game.

What about the other modes?

From time to time, I receive information from you that you like to play in a Movie Business without obligation. You are disturbed by the fact that you need to unlock more genres. That is why other mode was created - quick game which has unlocked all genres and a bit more cash at the start. In the 2019 edition, I am thinking about enabling also for Donors in party game mode all genres since the beginning of the game. In fact, this is consistent with the idea of this mode, which was to be as far as possible non-stress gameplay. What do you think about it? Do you think it's a good idea? Feel free to discuss in the forum dedicated topic for this thread.

If I have enough time (although it is not certain), I also plan small changes in the Quick Game mode. I would like to introduce something like the scenarios with which this mode can be started. The scenarios would differ by initial situation of the player (the number of cash at the start). An example would be the following scenario.

  1. Hollywood Mogul – the player has 50 million (a very large budget at the start, which allows you to start blockbuster production)
  2. Troma you have 3 million and you have to start the game by producing cheap budget productions
  3. Save the studio (you have a small budget and credit on the back of the neck – or mega challenge at the beginning)

This is just an example of several scenarios as you have any other ideas let me know (preferably on the forum in this thread).

However, no provision for changes in the challenge mode.

So, this is how the changes in the game modes introduced in the 2019 edition are supposed to look like. I am happy to listen to your opinion on the direction of changes? Although these changes are not difficult to implement, however, it is quite time-consuming so it does not guarantee that everything has been finished in the first version of the 2019 edition.

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