Update 2 version 2018 The Movie Business and the set of creators in version 50

Another update of Movie Business Edition 2018 is now ready for download. It does not introduce too many changes, but corrects several errors, and improves the game balance.

For a complete list of changes see version history. You can download the game, as usual, from the subpage Download MB2.

This version also updates the creators set to version 50 that adds 194 creators .

The main contributors to this update are:

  • Levardos (58 creators )
  • Trylogia (54 creators )
  • Arek (21 creators )
  • andrew89 (16 creators )

Pretty big list of creators, still waiting for moderation so be ready for next update soon.

Of course, as always, I look forward to your feedback, ideas, reactions and of course information about problems or errors.

If you have not heard about the Movie Business and you are here for the first time, you can also refer to the section Director's Cut and Help page, where you can find a lot of information, that can help you in the early stages of learning, this already quite extensive, of the game.

If you like the game I remind you of the possibility of Donations 🙂

I wish you to enjoy the game!

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