What brings the update 1 to edition 2018

The first update to edition 2018 the game should appear in the next few days. Although the main aim of update is to improve detected errors, improve the stability of the application and optimization of its activities there will be also a few new features. I encourage you to read this short summary of the changes and innovations in the next version of the game.


Key new features

I will begin with the new features which you will find in the game:

Analysis of films – that is an extra option that allows you to analyze the movie after production in order to obtain information about why it does not meet our expectations. A more detailed description of this feature can be found in dedicated post.

The proposal to finance the film of some director – This will be a new event where, that a director may come to you with the idea for the film, that you will be able to finance. The director presents a complete proposal including the scenario selected cast and choosen studio. The role of the player is limited only to accept or reject such proposal (and of course put the money on the table for such production). What's more the Director receives the full free hand to work.

Filter by age of creators in the window of production. Here some explanation is required the game does not use age of the creators in the truest sense. Only the number of years since the start of a career. Since I received the voices, that some would like to engage creators in their production of a certain age I decided to add this as option (but as I wrote here the concept of age is a contractual).

Boredom of genre – if too many movies from one genre will be on the market (still earning profits) Their interest will diminish. This is to encourage producer to try with other film genres (than the most popular).

New events on the set – you will see some new event during production of your films.


The most important changes, modifications and optimizations

Improvement of casting algorithms in cult films – Already in the previous version were to receive the cult movies of the year 2017 Unfortunately, it turned out that even the latest and most popular movies have incomplete data in the IMDB which is retrived by a dedicated API. This caused a lot of problems and finally I gave up adding such films before the previous release. Now I had a little more time to work on the modified algorithms to better deal with inconsistent data returned by IMDB. Their effect will be visible not only for new films but also for those that have already been available (So do not be surprised to see a different cast of well-known cult films you already seen before.).

Optimizations of loading cult movies – New algorithms I mentioned in the previous point, unfortunately, even more prolonged processing time of cult movies, which took place at the beginning of the game. So I had to completely change the approach to the handling of such production. At this time, in the beginning they only pre scanned, a proper analysis is performed at the time when the film is to be produced. Thus I managed to reduce the time required to start the game (Loading cult films in pre scanning mode is faster).

Optimization algorithms for festivals – Another significant and perhaps controversial change is that, that from now it will be harder to win awards at the festival. It does not follow, however, with the tightening of criteria for the festival but the fact that you will have more and better competition. Until now, it often happened that the only film nominated for the festival was the player one which will automatically won prizes in almost every category. The new version will not be so simply because the competition will be bigger. Hence it may happen that even your very good movie will not receive any nominations.

And these are the most important innovations and changes that could be expected. In addition, of course, fixed several smaller or a little underlying problems detected in the previous version.

4 thoughts on “What brings the update 1 to edition 2018

  1. Super, fajnie się zapowiada, jestem tylko ciekaw kiedy mniej więcej można aktualizacji się spodziewać? 🙂

    • The new version is just release so no Italian version included sorry

      In general I do not plan to add additional version of translation as it make no sens for languages which I do not know (I do not know Italian). The problem is that apart from huge number of reviews there is also problem with complexity of language use there. Most of the fragements of reviews form which the whole review is build in the game came from real critics review. Sometime the wording used in them is quite difficult, a lot of idioms are used very often some “playing with words” which may have sens in Polish but not other language.

      The English version of translation show that automatic translation is not able to handle such complicated task (the English version of review is much worst than oryginal Polish one)

      In fact the newest version has already much improved translation of English version of reviews but still it is far from perfect. By automatic translation to Itialian I am afraid it will sound horrible (and illogical) and as I am not able to veryfiy this I do not want to put such translation into official release.

      But if you really interested in translation you can do it by your own… it is not so complicated. If you want to know details send me an email I will provide you guideline how to do it.

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