Premiere! Movie Business 2 2018

After several weeks of intensive work, I would like to present 2018 edits Business of film 2. However, before proceeding to download the file, a few words of summary about this what you'll find in this release.


In addition to the new naming convention the game introduces many new elements that allow an even more realistic to give the business world. Among the new items that were added in this version you will find:

  • Casting facilitating the decision whom to cast in your movie,
  • Events during the production and producer eventsthat require dynamic player reaction to situations that happen on set,
  • Contracts with artists to secure the use of a creator in any sequels,
  • Universesthat is, a meta-level allows you to create complicated dependencies between our productions and the use of characters from other movies (crossovers),
  • Licenses ie the possibility of trading the rights to movies between players,
  • Gossips interesting event from the world of games,
  • The player in the jury of the Festival, the players with a high prestige may also be invited to the jury of festivals,
  • Improved artificial intelligence– Advanced artificial intelligence that uses sequels, trade licenses, and casting makes the game starts to live its own life,
  • Tutorials explains the main concepts in the game,
  • and the other, between other user interface improvements and new algorithms creators and reviews, bug fixes and balance and a variety of other small improvements.

Some statistical information about editing 2018:

  • set of artists in the version 49 containing over 3300 creators
  • over 5200 reviews elements
  • over 10 000 pictures of creators and cult characters

If you're interested in a more detailed insight into the specific features I recommend read the extensive text on my personal blog that describes in a very detailed way the mechanics and motivations behind introduced new elements. However, a brief summary of the most important modifications and amendments can be found in version history.

To see images from English version please refer to section Screenshots.

In connection with considerable changes in the game, I decided to clear the current database MovieStats from statistics and movies. Your profiles remains (you do not have to create them again), however all statistical information has been reset. This will make easier to track possible problems with the new version.

Probably you are impatiently waiting to check the new version. You can download it as usual from the subpage Download MB2.

Of course, as always, I look forward to your comments, ideas, reactions and of course information about problems or errors.

If you have not heard about the Movie Business and you are here for the first time, you can also refer to the section Director's Cut and Help page, where you can find a lot of information that can help you in the early stages of exploring, this already quite extensive, games.

If you like the game I remind you of the possibility of Donations 🙂


6 thoughts on “Premiere! Movie Business 2 2018”

  1. Napisze krótko, dziękuje mistrzu! Od początku roku wchodziłem i wyczekiwałem na nową wersje!

        • There is no error (though at the beginning it may seem) so it works now. I just came to the conclusion that can be annoying that the player wants to hire someone and when you click it, it appears that this request of the creator are much higher and the Player cannot afford to hire a… This is not a problem when the time is to happen, however, when jednk tries to be N-times and it turns out that every time we have enough cash you can get angry. Hence now rates shown in the list is already “including” the negotiations.
          Natomiast podświetlenie na żółto ma sygnalizować, że cena danego twórcy jest wyższa niż “standard” i że normalnie (gdybyśmy mieli lepszy prestiż lub nasza produkcja bardziej by pasowała pod profil danego twórcy) to zapłacilibyśmy mniej.
          Inna sprawa że ceny takich twórców którzy chcą negocjować nieco spadły (jest mniejszy próg tego by twórca zgodził się wziąć udział w naszej produkcji). Niektórzy gracze marudzili, że nie mogą zdobyć dużego prestiżu i zatrudniać najlepszych twórcówwięc nieco ułatwiłem ten element.

  2. Fantastycznie! Przede mną 12-godzinny lot ma wakacjejuż wiem, jak go spędzę 🙂

    Marzy mi się wersja na telefon🙂

    • I wish you a successful trip and a pleasantly spent time in her;). As for the mobile version is unfortunately not in the plans.

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