In the next version… Gossips

To increase involvement in the game at the instigation of one of the players (greetings to Kacper) I decided to enter the item, which may not have much practical significance but it makes, that game seems to “life of its own live”. This element is gossips.

Gossips will get a separate panel on the home page where the game will display different messages about the world of film.

There will be both information about the the relationships between artists (moved from main window events to save a place). Information about who, who is, who and in which production will take part, as well as gossips about the plans of computer players arising from the choices and decisions of artificial intelligence.

What is interesting gossips in most cases will be based on the actual actions, that happened in the game. That is,. If you see text

Will we see X in the sequel F?

This means, the computer tried to hire to his film given creator (but it does not necessarily have to finalize by him, for example. he ran out of cash).

There will be sequel of X!

Means the, that the producer began working on the script of the sequel X.

Gossip will also show consequences the decision of the producer (as long as the decision will trigger some consequences). Therefore it is worth from time to time to check the gossips.

Frankly speaking, that recently when testing most intrigued me to track these gossips. And look what happens to the series and individual creators, a także konsekwencjami różnych wyborów podjętych przez sztuczną inteligencję 🙂

I hope, that you will follow it also with such interest ;).

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