In the next version… Tutorials

Movie Business every moment gaining new options and is becoming more complicated. One of the users of Reddit (where sometimes I publish information about new versions of the game) drew attention to the fact, the game does not have any tutorial. I admit, that from my point of view this is the element with the lowest priority, because personally I prefer to spend my limited time to develop the game, and not documentation. Unfortunately the reality is, that tutorials cannot fully be omitted. Today, there is a whole bunch of the games for pennies or completely free and on various platforms, once someone has discovered a niche game, creator has only just a few minutes to interest new player with his game. In addition, when the game is so graphically not inspired as Movie Business it is far more difficult to require the players that they spent enough time to know the nuances of it or read the documentation (that after all the help for game exists and contains quite a lot of interesting details).

Hence, I made decisions, that a substitute of tutorial would be an useful in the game.

In addition to the suggestions in ToolTips, which appeared recently under the specific options / controls, the new version will be an additional mechanism. Well, in some places, at first contact with the option, will appear additional window with a brief description – I called it tutorial. This description for a given player will appear only once during the game. I am also planning to allow player to switch off the whole tutorial options. I hope, that this form of assistance will not be too irritating for more experienced players, and for new one will learn the basic concepts and principles, which uses the game.

And finally, a question for you, which functions / options / mechanic first require such a short tutorial?

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