T-Shirts and shop with gadgets of Movie Business

Mdc BFMB LogoGmina Mikołajki is coming and Christmas so this is the best time for gifts. And going against the biggest fans of the games I have for you a little surprise. Well, you can yourself (or your family) to make a gift in the form of gadgets related to the Business.

From today officially is available shop with gadgets game-related Business. On the face of it they go several types of t-shirts with themes of the game. More details you'll find out with the new section Shop.

2 thoughts on “T-Shirts and shop with gadgets of Movie Business”

  1. I would expect the price of 10-20 € cheaper. Throw in people bronze level (without paper bonuses, because too much of the West), may attempt to – before Christmas, and I think that might have to be an additional drive for a few units sold and 'odświeżenie’ news that the store exists at all for those who are not always up to date. The gentleman's tip, because I rather inclined to donation without purchasing the shirts in the near future. You can delete the comment. Regards, Peter.

    • The idea undoubtedly interesting… but probably not. (Leaving aside the purely technical issues such as lack of access to the data of people who have made a purchase – the entire transaction supports an external store)
      The whole idea behind the shop was caused by quite accidentally. I decided to make shirts with motifs from the game… I spent a couple of evenings and weekends to do projects. The effect I liked it so I decided to check two stores that allow you to create t-shirts with your own projects. The shirts were so cool that pomyślełem, that maybe even someone to love and will want to a make. Hence the idea of the store… Pozostał wybór tylko konkretnego sklepu i tutaj skłoniłem się do tego który oferował nieco lepsze materiałowo t-shirty (choć nieco droższe). Oto więc cała historia tego “venture”.

      A Twój komentarz nich zostanie nie jest obraźliwy ani niestosowny więc nie ma potrzeby go kasować
      (uwaga generalna ludzie za często wykorzystują komentarze nie do tego do czego są przeznaczone, jeżeli ktoś mi chce wysłać jakąs uwagę o bardziej prywatnym charakterze to sugeruję maila, a nie komentarze 😉

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