Version 0.8.5 with saving game state now available for download

I am pleasure to present groundbreaking, for the second part of the Movie Business, version 0.8.5 of the game, containing the desired, for a very long time, by many players saving of the game state.

Other key features of the new release include:

For a complete list of changes and modifications see version history.

The game, as usual, can be download from Download MB2.

I wish you to enjoy the game.

P.S. Well save game option is ready... now I'm waiting for donations from all the players, who promised, że zrobią ją jak ta opcja pojawi się w grze 😉

12 thoughts on “Version 0.8.5 with saving game state now available for download

  1. About damn, a long time yet to look at the page. Today I enter and… the best gift for the holidays:D Revelation, I keep my fingers crossed for the further development of the game. And how will a piniondz, It poured with pleasure. 🙂

  2. I hasten to inform, I noticed a small bug in the latest version of the game. After loading the state of the game (I played the classic game mode) do not load the information about the awards. Besides all ok, but I've made movies are free prizes:)

    • About thanks for the info… check on (all in all a wonder, że to dopiero pierwszy zgłoszony błąd 😉 jak na skalę zmian nie jest źle.

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