Refreshing the parameters of creators

Some time ago I was contacted by Kacper (MrWeista), one of players of Movie Business, suggested, that the parameters of many artists seem to be out of date. I had to agree with him, because many of them were added 10 (and even more) years ago. And by this time a lot has changed both in the film world as well as in algorithms and rules of the game. What is important is not only Kacper noticed a problem, but also offered concrete help in the verification of these parameters.

After brief negotiations, and a long holiday period, finally agreed details and a model of effective cooperation. So from next versions you might expect considerable changes in the parameters of the creators (especially those added long time ago). The first hundred will be included in the update 25 and a version of the game 0.8.5. The rest, I hope, will occur gradually over time.

Of course, eventually the parameters are reviewed and approved by me. So you can be confident of the consistency of the game.

I hope, that these changes will improve the gameplay and realism. By the way thanks to Kacper for help.

8 thoughts on “Refreshing the parameters of creators

  1. Wow, seriously by 10 years nothing changed ? Nieźle 🙂 Nie mogę się doczekać nowej wersji ! (Saving the game, about my fate, save game… w końcu 😀 !)

    • No not really, part of the parameters was viewed but as it turns out, not all (for example,. sexappealu approach changed with the introduction of aging artists and found, that not all actors have improved the performance to have a sense of) In addition, the more likely they were modified from young writers who 10 years ago they were little known, and during this period have already gained considerable notoriety and recognition. On the other hand it also happened in the other direction very popular actors in the '90s at all suddenly disappeared…

  2. and just, you can do to help when changing parameters or something in that pattern?

    Certainly much has changed, even stars like Whoopi Goldberg and Jim Carrey are today almost anyone. Do business in the new version too, so will, that randomly some stars do not be expensive because of the absence of proposals? 😛

    • Well not quite.. .because the game does not know what the creator when he was popular during the period May creator or the default maximum popularity in his career… On the other hand, the game is implemented as a gradual decline in the popularity of someone before long a period not played in the movies (but it is not a drastic)

    • And as to help it in the parameters not yet but soon will be a new idea of ​​wanting to help where players will be able to demonstrate… szczegóły wkrótce 😉

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