Art market and selling of paintings

For a long time in the Movie Business 2 it is possible to purchase works of art in the form of paintings. Exactly ... purchase, nothing more can be done with them. The new version finally allow the full investment in this market.

Firstly, you will be able to sell paintings. Second, the price of images will vary depending on several factors. E.g: Events, the incidence of a particular type of image (with a particular style / specific author) at auctions, and the market reaction to the actions of art connoisseur Vico.

Earnings (or loss) will not be too big but investing in art allows protect the capital, primarily against random events (which operate on a percentage of cash owned by the player). Of course you can not forget about the trophies associated with this element of the game.

It's all in the version 0.8.5

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