New game mode

Another new feature planned for the next version of Movie Business is a new game mode. I admit, that I was not planned to add another mode because it seemed to me, that the actual number of them is sufficient and provides a wide range of gametypes . However after discussions with some players turned out,, that they have a slightly different point of view and would like to play sometimes in more casual way.

So here are main features of a new mode, which was tentatively named Quick game.

The main assumption that is why:

  • the possibility of having more cash and use of all genres without the need for a long game to unlock them
  • easier for beginners which can scare off by the number of options and settings that are required when you first start the game when creating profiles (create a profile, registration to MovieStats, link your account with Facebook, select the game type and parameters)

The main features

  • no need to have a profile
  • more cash at the beginning of the game (10 millions)
  • unlocked all of the genre from the very the beginning of the game
  • predetermined playing time (20 years – 240 months)
  • inability to choose any options (in addition to the number of players people)
  • no option to save game (because this requires profile)
  • lack of trophies

I hope that it will fall to the taste of all those whose weary slowly gaining cash and unlock new species.

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