Version 0.8.0 ready for download!

I am pleased to announce that a new version Movie Business 2 is now available and ready for download.

I recall, that the most important changes, which can be found in the game are: availablity in two languages, Polish and English, and improve balance challenges, trophies and career aims. It appeared also a new version of a set with several additional creators.

Other changes can be found in the last post, and detailed information on modifications and amendments can be found in version history.

Don't forget also about cleaning, that has been done on MovieStats . Accounts not used (without activation) were removed, for the rest clearing was made including all achievements, statistics and movies.

Yet another information. In a week new poll will start... I think, it is very intriguing… and I hope, że nie będę jej żałował 😉

For now, let me know what do you think of the new version and come back here in a week…

The game can be download from section Download MB2

7 thoughts on “Version 0.8.0 ready for download!

  1. Occupation on 100%, So much looking forward to the new version, and nothing new is practically no. And these reviews in English? Google translator fritz. I really expected a little more.

    • I do not know what to expect? Exactly what it said the new version will include. Be translated Games + MovieStats + Home engulfed and so a lot of time
      several thousand texts + Modified code to support multiple languages. I may be from the perspective of a layman (persons not involved in the programming) it does not look impressive but it required effort and time.
      Co do google Translate… not doing so ga… but probably not expected to participate, I'll explain that more than 3000 texts manually (programmers are lazy by definition)?
      Yes, you can do a little better… but it was not planned in this version (original idea was to leave the game not translated reviews – as long as players do not speak the Polish language is not many and the translation was done just to open the game to other nations)

      I'm sorry, I failed your expectations but apparently expect too much from the game-made “after hours”, which is available for free.

  2. Wielkie dzięki 🙂 Postaram się wrzucić jeszcze paru twórców jak będę miał trochę czasu.

  3. So really can time, who invested in the creation of this movie stats (that it actually is not anyone needed), could be spent on improving the actual game? I suspect, from now would be about soooo many better.

    • I do not think, that MovieStats a waste of time (Saturday reset the statistics there were several thousand films and almost 500 registered and active players) besides a valuable technological experience.
      Co do BF2… This game is already almost finished, lack the capacity to save game, sale of paintings and work on balance / artificial inteligancją.
      At the moment I do not plan any more new functionality or other revolutions.

      And what do you think it is missing that was “soooo many better”?

  4. I think that MovieStats fajniejszych is one of the options in the game. In addition to archiving statistics and movies gives you the ability to compete with other players. If not MovieStats probably pograłbym moments and put the game in the corner.

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