New template and the English version of the site

You've probably already noticed that. Page has the new look. Is it nicer? I do not know, but better uses large spaces, of modern screens. In addition, new template allowed the separation of the side sections to the right and left. I hope, that will make it easier to navigate through site.

The second news is connected with English version of the site.. In the right column you will find options TRANSLATE IN that can switch between English and Polish (this is done by selecting the appropriate flag). The translation is semi-automatic so if you find fragments, which can not be understood, let me know I'll try to manually rewrite it.

I guess you would want to know what is the current status of the new version of the game?

Recently, of course, dealt with the work over the official site (resulting in today's post). As the next version of the game will offer English version it is necessary to translate into English also service MovieStats. And this is what happens.

In addition, you can expect soon a small update of the set of artist.

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