The first update set BF2

Pierwsza oficjalna aktualizacja zestawu do Biznesu Filmowego 2 jest już dostępna! Zawiera ona 43 twórców oraz 80 zdjęć, dodanych przez Was (i przeszły pozytywnie etap moderacji). Dla przypomnienia szczegółowy proces dotyczący dodawania własnych twórców opisywałem w This place.

What should I do to get the update? Simply that you activate game mode that uses a default set of developers (that is, virtually every;). At this point, the game should inform you about the availability of Assembly updates and download new data. If the process is successful, you will receive the basic statistical information, along with the version to which the set has been updated. You can also see who the creators were added/modified.

NOTE: this is the first such action so you have to count with the fact that some of you may have some issues (experience shows that there is always someone with a specific configuration of the computer, which makes problems;)). In case, if you have any errors please, such information, along with as many details. We will wonder what is wrong and how to fix the problem.

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